MoveMe Energy and Hydration – 30 Servings Subscription

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If you know me, you know that I am a woman on the move! Whether I am traveling the world inspiring people with dance, fitness, inspiring minds with confidence with The Fun Road, or just being a busy mom to my kids, I wanted an All-Natural product to help me get through my days.

When I was developing MoveMe Energy, I needed a product that would give me Energy, Focus, and Hydration. I wanted a product that I could use as a pre-workout before a class, or to sip throughout the day. 

I wanted Energy to get me through an intense workout. I wanted Focus during those workouts or throughout a busy day. Did you know numerous studies have proven that caffeine paired with L-Theanine improves your focus and strength output as well as aerobic and endurance output significantly? I push my body and mind hard, so I wanted Hydration for recovery. Did you know hydration is essential for cardiovascular health, proper cooling of the body, muscular and joint function, cognitive performance and cleansing the body?

I also wanted something that was All-Natural, but still tastes great. I came up with my 3 favorite flavors…

Colada Mama: tastes like a trip to the islands

Perky Peach: subtle peachy fruit flavor

Yummy Lemonade: tastes like summer vacation

Try them all! Simply drink throughout the day or as a pre-workout and notice your boost in mood, focus, energy, and overall output.

Weight 8 oz
1st Flavor - 10 sticks

Colada Mama, Perky Peach, Yummy Lemonade

2nd Flavor - 10 sticks

Colada Mama, Perky Peach, Yummy Lemonade

3rd Flavor - 10 sticks

Colada Mama, Perky Peach, Yummy Lemonade


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